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"Providing examplary customer service is the cornerstone of our company and so we are highly attuned to the service we receive from the companies we work with. Eyedea Worx consistently provides customer service we know we can count on. Our orders are handled promptly, our questions by phone or email are answered clearly, professionally, and friendly and our experience with anyone we have worked with at Eyedea Worx has been nothing but positive. They have a way of making you feel that you are their most important customer. We definitely think that is the best way to conduct business!" ”
Leslie McGann
Purchasing Manager
Massage DVD's

Encoding & Authoring


Welcome to Eyedea Worx Authoring Studio!

Eyedea Worx authoring Studio will bring your DVD to life! Using our extensive expertise, state-of-the-art authoring software and cutting-edge technology, we will create a professional DVD for you that will leave a lasting impression on any audience.

Our DVD encoding & authoring services include:

  • Digital encoding · Menu design · Motion graphics
  • Chapter creation · Subtitles · Multiple audio tracks
  • Surround Sound · Slideshows · Web-enabled capabilities
  • Approval discs

Master Video Formats Accepted

Video tapes:

  • BetaSP · DVCam · Large DV · VHS · SVHS · U-Matic

Camcorder tapes:

  • Mini-DV · VHS-C · Hi8 (AKA “Digital 8” or “8mm” cassette)
  • Consumer Beta (B-II or B-III)

File formats:

  • High-quality QT files · MPEG2 file format parsed with .ac3

DVD Authoring services can really make the difference to the success of your product. By using a professional service to create your DVD, you benefit from technical and creative knowledge that will enhance your product.

Please download our PDF Pricing Guide below for an easy reference to our Encoding & Authoring Services.

Download Authoring Questionnaire »

If you would like any further assistance or additional information regarding our Pricing Guide, please call 800.973.9383 or email info@eyedeaworx.com


Download Pricing Guide (PDF)

Our complete pricing guide is available for download. Adobe Acrobat Reader required. Click Here


For your convenience, Eyedea Worx has locations in the following states:

  • Colorado
  • Indiana
  • New York
  • California
  • Missouri
  • Washington