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Anyone can provide a low price. Eyedea Worx Is extremely competitive, but what sets them apart is service. They have personally guided our projects and helped us meet our goals.”
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CD Replication


Eyedea Worx makes CD replication — the process of “stamping" your data onto an injection-molded CD — simple, cost-effective and worry-free. All you need to do is send us your data (software, music, PowerPoint presentations, etc.) on a pre-mastered CD-R or DAT tape, and we’ll handle it from there. We service a wide variety of clients, from small, independent musicians to large corporations and government accounts. No Client is too small or too big.

After we replicate your CDs, using our state-of-the-art encoding process, we silkscreen or offset print (with up to five colors) directly onto the surface of the disc. You may provide your own label artwork, or you can also have Eyedea Worx graphic design department create a label for you, using your supplied logo and graphic elements.

CD-ROM premastering & CD Replication:

  • Enhanced CD premastering, combining audio and data sessions.
  • Full verification of pressed CD-ROMs against source data.
  • CD replication starts with glass mastering and ends with packing: glass mastering from your CD audio data on any of the suitable formats available.
  • Formats that can be mastered include Mode 1 CD-ROM, Mode 2 CD-ROM XA, Video CD and CD EXTRA.
  • CD Replication services will follow glass mastering using the stampers produced. With a capacity of over 1 million discs per day, we are able to provide quick and efficient service throughout the year.
  • All discs are inspected for defects before duplication begins. Measurements taken from samples ensure that the highest quality standards are maintained. The first discs replicated are tested bit-for-bit with the original.

Label Printing

Eyedea Worx allows you to use up to five colors for your printing process. We print using high quality screen printers or Offset printing. UV cured inks allow a high quality, durable label to be added to any CD-ROM. Artwork for disc labels can be created or modified from your original supplied artwork at Eyedea Worx. We utilizes both the Macintosh and PC platforms and can create or modify client supplied artwork as long as it complies with the program format and specifications set in our specification page.

Turnaround Time and Other Information:

Normal turnaround time is 7-10 working days (Monday-Friday) from receipt of all materials. If your project requires an earlier than the standard turnaround time, no need to feel the pressure! We offer rush project turnarounds for an additional fee.

Eyedea Worx offers the lowest prices on CD/DVD replication and duplication on both short and long runs in the country, and will meet or beat any bona fide competitor quote.

Eyedea Worx offers the lowest prices on CD/DVD replication and duplication on both short and long runs in the country, and will meet or beat any bona fide competitor quote.

Please download our PDF Pricing Guide below for an easy reference to our most commonly ordered DVD replication packaging options.

If you would like any further assistance or additional information regarding our Pricing Guide, please call 800.973.9383 or email info@eyedeaworx.com


Download Pricing Guide (PDF)

Our complete pricing guide is available for download. Adobe Acrobat Reader required. Click Here


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